A Guide to Have an Exciting Birthday Party in Dubai!

A Guide to Have an Exciting Birthday Party in Dubai!

It is said that as you grow up, the excitement starts to disappear from your life. The more you grow, the less you feel enthusiastic about having fun. 

However, if there is one day throughout the year when you have the ticket to celebrate the joys of life, it is your birthday! 

And what better place is there than Dubai? You will find a great variety of birthday party packages in Dubai. Not just that, you can even plan the whole getaway however you want! There are tons of ways in which you can spend your day in this place of great wonders. 

This guide is here to assist you in getting the work done with little to no hassle and here are some tips you should know before you start:


It is no joke that as special as this day is, the planning of the day should be equally special. You should know that you can opt for anything. No matter how lavish or simple it is, if it makes you happy, go for it! 

Coming up are some important pointers that will help you navigate your plan effectively:

  • Budget

There is nothing in this world that works without money, at least now the world we are living in. So before you go all out, it is safe to plan the budget that you will allocate for the birthday party. 

A sane decision would be to decide how the expenses are being divided. Make sure that you distribute the responsibilities of spending. This is a necessary step that ensures to keep trouble out of the way. If everyone decides what they are going to pay for beforehand along with the mode of payment, it becomes easier to be accommodating if something unfortunate happens.

  • Theme (Customized or Not)

Several people happen to be extremely picky about their plans. So if you are someone who wants everything to be perfect and organized, you can opt for a customized birthday party where everything is decided beforehand. 

On the contrary, if you want to keep the plan low-key, minimal, and meaningful in its simplicity, you can go for a freestyle theme. This means that you and your squad can just do random things which bring you joy. Spend the day together and enjoy being together, in each other’s company. Hands down, one of the best feelings there is!

  • Number of Days

As per your budget, you will be able to identify the days you will be spending in Dubai. Making an informed decision like this will help you divide things on your to-do list effectively. 

  • Number of Locations

Moving forward, you should also list down all the places you want to visit. There are a plethora of activities that you can do in this city of excitement. However, the right thing to do is to limit the number and pick out what aligns best with your definition of a fun birthday party.

  • Invitation Circle

Your budget will also require you to choose the number of people you want to invite. Your circle could either just be your friends or your family. It could include both too, depending on what kind of plans you have. However, you should plan this to avoid hassle while accommodating everyone. 

Here, another important thing to note is the stay. The number of guests will decide how many rooms you would require as well as the nature of the accommodation. 

  • Food!

Lastly, you can never forget food, it is the only thing that can make or break the mood. Research the restaurants and other food spots before you hop on the plane. You should know how you will be savoring the foodie in you beforehand!


Let’s get deep into the ideas of what you might like to do on your b-day:

  • Cruise

If you are all about the view, you need to try out the luxury experience of a cruise in Dubai. There is no better feeling than being laid-back, and having good food while enjoying a breathtaking view.

  • Beach Day

Another great idea is to enjoy the sunsets and chill on the shoreside! A beach day in Dubai is the therapy no one should miss. When in Dubai, missing out on a pool day is not cool!

  • Clubbing

Where’s the party? Well, the nightlife of Dubai is calling you out if you want to unleash the party monster in you! Hang out with your friends, enjoy cocktails, and dance all your worries away.

  • Shopping Spree

The extravagant malls are never to be missed out on. Check out your favorite brands and shop your heart away!

  • Thrill and Adventure

A life without thrill is boring. If you want to experience the adrenaline rush, you need to experience the zipline adventure in Dubai offered in the amazing amusement parks.

While you are at it, make the most of this experience of a lifetime! Have fun growing up, and live in the moment!