Aventurine Bracelets that Ignite That Sense of Adventure


Jewelry designs come in a variety of different and interesting designs, each one a testament to the designer’s distinct character and tradition. After all, when creating jewelry, designers often can’t help but bring their own personal history and experience onto the table.

The same is definitely true when it comes to jewelry By Fabrizio Design. Fashion designer and model, Fabrizio Sassano, has left many of his clients overjoyed and in awe by his jewelry designs because he brings so much thought and care into his craftsmanship. In fact, witnessing his technique forged in his jewelry is nothing short of experiencing the thrill and excitement of a journey or adventure.

It’s this distinct uniqueness, the combination of his design and technique, that sets Fabrizio’s aventurine bracelets apart from others, making them a perfect gift for that special occasion with your loved one.

The Allure of Aventurine
Its name taken from the Italian “a ventura”, which means, “by chance”, the discovery of aventurine is said to have been accidental. Despite that, there’s nothing accidental or ordinary about aventurine.

This crystal is a form of quartz that’s often found in green, brown, yellow, orange, blue, and gray. It has a glasslike quality and shimmer that makes it a perfect ingredient for making jewelry, such as rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets.

Sometimes referred to as the “Indian jade”, aventurine is considered a popular alternative to jade, particularly those of the green variety. Though they do occur in other colors, aventurines are more commonly of the green variety, a color that undoubtedly brings out airs of elegance and sophistication in those that wear them.

And The Rich Tradition of Entorchado
Entorchado is an ancestral braiding and twisting technique that’s long been a part of Mesoamerican culture. Dating back to a pre-Hispanic period, Entorchado requires incredible skill in the twisting of delicate metal wires to create metallic braids that can connect gemstones, crystal beads, and semi-precious stones together. In fact the technique can be traced back to indigenous Mesoamerican maidens that used the technique to create offerings for the gods.

Culminate in Astounding Aventurine Bracelets By Fabrizio Design
This polished crystal combined together with this elaborate tradition and technique come together to create fine jewelry whose value soars to new and exciting heights. Fabrizio Sassano, the master that is able to combine this amazing cultural heritage with elegant and precious jewelry designs, has spent years perfecting his Entorchado technique to the level of a master.

His cultural and religious values shine through each of his designs, especially in the way he’s handcrafted his aventurine bracelets. One can definitely see his Italo-Venezuelan heritage shine through both in his technique and his jewelry designs.

This Positano memory bracelet in turquoise with freshwater pearls, brown aventurine, gold-plated beads and gold hematite hexagons, for example, radiates that Mesoamerican culture and tradition through its distinct color combination. Turquoise, after all, was a highly-prized material in ancient Mesoamerica, and was often used for decorative art, costumes, and jewelry.

Another handcrafted Positano memory bracelet by Fabrizio makes use of blue aventurine with blue metallic crystals and gold-plated beads to create a mesmerizing effect that dazzles despite its darker sheen. The amount of thought and care put into the design can be seen at first glance, and a deeper look also reveals the Italo-Venezuelan heritage that’s so deeply embedded in Fabrizio’s designs.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, then, to give that special someone, we invite you to have a look at this collection of handmade bracelets By Fabrizio Design. They’re sure to help bring out that greater sense of style and grace that fits perfectly with that person’s beauty.

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