How to Make the Most of Your Tiny Home Office


Whether you use a dedicated room for running a business, or just a nook for paying bills and arranging your schedule, your home office should be comfortable and allow you to be productive when you’re working on important tasks.

What for? It’s much easier to put in those extra hours of work when you’re at a workplace that feels like an extension of your home in terms of style and convenience.

Even if you only have a small, dark space in the basement to work in, it’s possible to make it into a pleasant place to get work done with some suitable modifications.

Never Put Function Before Form
Your workspace, including your desk, shelves, and storage, should be organized to benefit you. Before making any furniture purchases, it’s important to evaluate your workflow and the resources you’ll need close at hand.

A floor lamp that doubles as storage space is a fantastic piece of multipurpose furniture for a home office because it serves two purposes at once: lighting and shelving.

Limit Your Exposure to Distractions
In creating an at-home workplace, efficiency and productivity are paramount, and a big part of that is being able to identify and avoid potential sources of discomfort.

Think about the items you intend to put in your room and whether or not they are essential. Is that new piece of office decor going to help you concentrate more or serve as a distraction?

Sit on a Comfortable Chair
A great chair is not only nice to look at, but it is also comfortable enough to sit in for long periods of time. Desks and chairs for the workplace should be chosen with ergonomics in mind; settle into a seat that supports your body well.

If you spend most of your day sitting, it’s important that your office chair has good lumbar support. It’s worth it to spend a little more on a chair that’ll make you more comfortable if doing so will help you get more done in less time.

Illuminate Without Distracting
The importance of natural light in home offices cannot be overstated. Beware of the glare, though. Combine large windows with movable drapes and dimmable floor lamps with storage. These two improvements will allow you to set the mood of your home office.

People often make the mistake of putting their computers in the wrong spot while setting up their home offices. If you’re working in a room with a lot of windows and natural light, you might want to move your computer away from the windows and away from the glare.

Use Appropriate Lighting
For small spaces with no adequate windows, adding artificial lighting to make up for the lack of natural light will make the space feel more luminous. But what makes a difference is the quality and placement of the lighting you use.

Instead of working in the dark or using an awkward desk lamp, you can have both design and function by using floor lamps with storage to provide a warm, comforting glow that also comes with much-needed storage space. To further disperse the soothing atmosphere across the space, you may like to use torchiere lamps at the room’s four corners.

Dress It Up with Some Plants
No one needs convincing that plants can make a space feel more cheerful and airy. They have also been shown to increase motivation and job satisfaction in the work-from-home environment.

Picking the right plants might help brighten up a dark home office. Try to find vegetation that does well with less illumination.

Incorporate Unique Elements
It’s important to make your home office feel like your own, so don’t be afraid to inject some of your personality into the space. Ideally, you’d like to come home to a place where you enjoy spending time while working.

For instance, a nice photo or other trinkets displayed on a floor lamp with storage might help you feel more at home. has plenty of floor lamp options you can use to enhance your home office, including ones with shelving and storage features!

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