Whether you’re a professional artist or don’t know how to draw at all, DIY gifts are the perfect option for a more personal and thoughtful gift for your loved ones. They are especially great for boyfriends who often make shopping impossible. You don’t have to worry about finding the perfect gift and instead try one of these easy DIYs to show your friends how much you love them.

1. ABC Date Jar

This might be a brand new concept, or you might have already seen it on TikTok, but either way, it’s a great way to plan a quality future with your boyfriend. It’s similar to a date jar, but instead of jotting down random ideas, you pick a date night for each letter of the alphabet. For example, you can pick apples for A and go bowling for B. You spend the next few months completing dates and making tons of memories in the process. This is truly the gift that you keep giving and your friend will definitely love it.

2. Spotify photo frame

A great option for those who want to get smart but can’t draw to save their life. This DIY is easy and only requires tracing.

Handmade DIY online gifts are my favorite, – said University of Maryland sophomore Brendan Bullock. “You show so much effort and care.

Start by choosing a special song for you and your friend, then print the corresponding album cover. You will also need a picture frame as you will be painting on the glass. Paste the album cover, then draw on it to make it look like you’re listening to the song on Spotify. It is the perfect and special room decoration because the memory of the song you choose is known only to you and your friend. Would it be so sweet if today became your wedding song? You can also send valentines day cake online.

3. Video Collage

Create a fun video that walks down memory lane of your relationship, starting at the beginning and working all the way back to the present. It’s a special gift that will never fail to impress your loved ones. It’s super convenient and thoughtful at the same time.

Once you’ve scrolled through your camera roll and picked up some old videos and photos, head to an editing app (iMovie is free on Apple computers) and start making movies. You can add a background song, some lyrics and nice transitions. Make it a fun time for you and your friend to watch and enjoy together. 


4. Handmade Kiss sweatshirt or wall art

Grab some white paint, some lipstick, and a kiss! This design looks super cute and requires absolutely no artistic skills. You can do this on an old sweatshirt by painting a square of white fabric paint on the front, letting it dry, and kissing it down. Or you can order cheap canvas on Amazon to make pretty wall decorations. Reasonable, easy and adorable – the ideal gift. 

5. Message in a Bottle

Take the time to reflect on your fondest memories with your boyfriend. Your first date together, your favorite memory with them, the first time they met your family, and the little everyday moments that make you feel small. Write them all down on a small piece of paper and put them in a small pill box. You can find one on Amazon designed specifically for this purpose, or simply repurpose an old pill box by painting it over it. Now you have an adorable message in a bottle for your friend to read in the months to come whenever he has to pick me up or when you’re away when he misses you.

6. Photo Puzzles

Puzzles can make an excellent DIY gift for any generation—from your son in elementary school to your grandmother. With the mastery to make your preferred puzzle you can make it more special by attaching a photo of the best family get together, their special vacation place or a foolish photo of you. These are the perfect gifts for loved ones of any age and your recipient will treasure this keepsake they can use repeatedly & visit on this Jolly max Mlbb free diamonds.