What is a PRINCE2 practitioner?


This is a formal qualification. To be certified as a PRINCE practitioner, you will have to pass an exam and demonstrate that you can apply the concepts to practice. PRINCE is the acronym for Project and Programme Information – Rationale for Information – Necessity of Information – Organising for Information. It is a method used for developing software documentation. There are two parts to this methodology:

• Rationale for information – this is about documenting information that helps to identify where it is required.

• Organising for information – this is about documenting information that shows the relationships between the various elements of a project.

It’s all about planning your documents before Prince2 practitioners writing any. It’s about knowing exactly what information you need to include, and how to present it.

If you want to become a PRINCE practitioner, you must take an examination to prove that you know the methodology. You can only do this if you have had specific training and experience in PRINCE. You also have to pass a multiple choice test in order to gain certification. It’s important that you have passed the test before you start using PRINCE.

You may want to work with a PRINCE expert to help you to develop your skills.