Follow These Tips To Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle

Extend The Life Of Your Vehicle

Buying your own car is the best feeling as it frees you from many troubles and inconveniences. You do not have to depend on others for going to work or when handling errands. Similarly, it saves you from the trouble of waiting for the bus. That is why the first car always holds a special place. However, new drivers do not know the complexities of taking care of cars. As it is a machine, it can get damaged if not handled properly. Car repairs are expensive and sometimes cost you a lot, especially in metropolitans like Dubai.

If you do not handle the car cautiously and do not bother about its maintenance, you will end up in a car repair in Dubai that cost you a lot. However, there are some maintenance tips you can follow which will extend your car’s life. You can either handle these matters yourself if you are an experienced driver, or contact a car workshop as maintenance is cheaper than repair.

Without further ado, let’s discuss the tips that will extend the life of your car:

1. Read The Manual

We often do not bother reading the car manual thinking of ourselves as masters of everything. However, that is the biggest mistake we often do. Every car model is different and has different conditions for maintenance. Furthermore, to take care of something, knowing them is the first step. A car manual has all the essential details of the car. You can get the details of the model and recommendation of the manufacturer to keep your car in a good shape. It also has information about how often should you get your car serviced. So, if you have any problems or questions about your car model, refer to the car manual.

2. Change Engine Oil

Monitoring car fluids is another tip to extend the car’s life. Engine oil holds great importance and the overall performance of the car depends on it. Furthermore, not changing car oil on time results in wasting fuel as well. So, it is better to refer to the manual to identify the given interval to change the engine oil. By doing this, you can extend your car’s life, protect car parts, and prevent costly repairs. Apart from engine oil, take notice of other liquids as well including transmission oil, brake oil, coolant, etc.

3. Protect The Body From The Sun

Who doesn’t want their car to look new even after years? Everyone does and it is not something you cannot achieve. Just by taking some precautions, you can keep your car exterior in perfect condition. The sun’s rays do the worst damage to the car paint. That is why avoid parking your car outdoors. Similarly, do not wash your car in direct sunlight. The UV rays affect the leather of the cabin as well.

4. Inspection Of Tires

Flat tires can be dangerous to the vehicle and you are keeping the life of your loved ones at risk by avoiding maintenance. Apart from that, under-inflated tiers result in more fuel consumption and make the engine work harder. It also affects the vehicle’s handling, thereby affecting the overall car performance. So, always check the tire pressure and do not delay the change to the next day.

5. Cleaning Of The Vehicle

Layers of dust and rust not only damage the car’s appearance but reduces its resell value as well. Most people love to switch old models with new ones in the market. A car in good condition can get you a good resell value. However, washing your car regularly at home is not enough. Rustproofing annually and detailed cleaning inside out is essential to remove the layer of dirt, debris, and other materials. However, make sure to get the car serviced from a well-reputed car garage like Autopro if you are a Dubai resident.

6. Smooth Driving

We often drive rashly when in a rush without realizing that it damages the car. Smooth driving is another tip to extend car life. Like other machines, the car needs to be handled carefully for it to work smoothly. Practice careful driving especially in winter because the weather is cold and hard acceleration can damage vehicles prematurely.

7. Go For An Alternate For Small Tours

If the car doesn’t charge to an optimal temperature, it can accelerate wear and tear. So, try to walk or take alternatives for short trips or combine trips as much as possible.

The Takeaway

In all, taking proper care of your car can prevent costly repairs and extend the car’s life. Likewise, it offers a good car resell value. So, keep the aforementioned tips in mind to keep your car in a good shape.