Which Memory Bracelet from By Fabrizio Design is Right for You?


By Fabrizio Design’s memory bracelets are much more than a piece of jewelry. They are a work of art unto themselves that reflect the imagination and dedication of its maker.

Fabrizio Sassano, the man behind By Fabrizio Design, is a consummate lover of all things beautiful. His memory bracelets, dubbed so for their ability to retain their shape, demonstrate his vision and sentimentality. Named after the village and commune of Positano located in Italy’s scenic Amalfi Coast, each piece forms a tender spiral that brings images of gentle waves kissing the shore to mind.

Of the many memory bracelets available in the By Fabrizio Design signature Gioconda Collection, which one is right for you? Read on below to find out:

For the soft and feminine: the Positano Memory Bracelet in Quartz, Morganite and Rose Gold Beads
Quartz is one of the most popular crystals used in crystal healing. Light pink-colored quartz, or rose quartz, in particular, has long been associated with the feminine: it is known as the stone of universal love and represents kindness, gentleness, and peace. Wearing rose quartz is said to attract and promote love in all its forms, may it be romantic, platonic, or filial. Wearing a memory bracelet that features it heavily is also said to encourage self-care and compassion.

In this memory bracelet, rose quartz is paired with morganite, another powerful healing crystal. Like rose quartz, morganite possesses a strong association to the heart chakra. It, too, invites unconditional love into the wearer’s life while inspiring them to love themselves.

For the regal and powerful: the Positano Memory Bracelet in Amethyst, Agate, and Crystal
The color purple has long been associated with royalty and nobility. This is why amethyst is so sought after, and commands such a high price. Those who subscribe to crystal healing also value amethyst as a protective stone of great strength that can bring calmness and spiritual wisdom to its wearer.

Here, amethysts are paired with agate stones, not just for their similar hue, but also to amplify the amethysts’s metaphysical benefits. It is known among believers of crystal healing as a stone that can magnify someone’s life energy.

For the ocean lover: the Positano Memory Bracelet in Quartz, Freshwater Pearls, and Crystal
Those who love spending time on the beach will surely fall in love at first sight with this ocean-colored memory bracelet. The unique combination of stones and materials used in it evokes images of the deep blue sea.

Blue quartz is used extensively here, which represents peace and serenity and is said to provide healing and upliftment. It is paired with freshwater pearls, as organic and natural as the sea from which they came from. In crystal healing, it is said that freshwater pearls can help someone tap into their inner wisdom and communicate more sincerely.

For the earth lover: the Positano Memory Bracelet in Aventurine, Crystal, and Gold-Colored Metallic Beads
In this bracelet, brown aventurine is paired with brown-colored crystals and gold-colored beads for a truly grounded look. Aventurine possesses an otherworldly glimmer, emphasizing that there is more to this memory bracelet than meets the eye–much like those who wear it.

The stone takes its name from the Italian word for adventure, avventura. It makes perfect sense, then, for it to be worn by someone with a thirst for life and all that it has to offer. In crystal healing, aventurine is known as the stone of possibility. Wearing aventurine invites those possibilities into your life, opening up opportunities to better yourself and learn more about the world you love.

By Fabrizio Design offers many other memory bracelets in their extensive signature collection. Visit their homepage now to find the one that speaks to you.

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