How To Detect Low-Quality Metal?

Third Party Testing

“There are many ways to detect low-quality metal, read this blog to know more about them. It will guide you to choose the right products easily”.

There are several ways to identify low-quality metal. An inspection agency in India does various tests to determine low-quality metals. If you are looking to find those signs on metal, then read the article below. Apart from that, as metal is one of the most important parts of industrial projects, it is always better to have it checked by professional inspectors. Let’s read the article below to learn the easiest ways to detect low-quality metal.

Bends and Cracks

The metal should be flexible and versatile. But it doesn’t mean that the steel should have enough strength, so it can’t be bent easily. But the thing is a bit different for low-quality steel. Low-quality steel tends to get turned easily, so that you can experience cracks on the surface. These types of low-quality metal are not suitable for any industrial projects. Generally, the best inspection agency in India doesn’t permit those low-quality metals for usage in the products.

Folding On The Surface

Folding on the surface is another common sign of low-quality metal. Folding is standard on low-quality steel, especially in steel piping and beams. These types of characters indicate the meter tends to bend quicker than others. Sometimes, these bends may turn into cracks. It causes the metal to be weak, and an inspection agency in India may suggest using these types of metal in manufacturing any other product.


The specifications of metals are designed to perform particular tasks. The specifications include width, thickness and tolerance. Sometimes, if the material tolerance is so tight, it will be challenging to understand whether the material can comply with the specific requirement.

The inspection professional checks the material multiple times before it’s ready for shipment. If it doesn’t meet the specifications, the manufacturer needs to make changes.

Where The Metal Quality Can Get Worsen?

As a part of the supply chain, if suppliers make any error, it can reflect the quality issue. For example, the use of incorrect alloy may affect the functioning of the metal.

The poor quality material can cost more for the manufacturer from the small cost that could be used when manufacturing the same metal.

Improper alloy usage could hamper production in different ways, such as;

  • No quality standard certification
  • Mix-up of materials in the warehouse
  • Forged certification


Hopefully, you have understood the signs of low-graded metal and where the material quality can be compromised. With a quality inspection from third party inspection service in India ensures that the manufacturer has taken the proper steps to make everything okay, so they doesn’t affect the supply chain and the market reputation. To make sure you are delivering the right quality of metal to your customer, consider hiring a third-party inspector who checks your product thoroughly and provides you with proper feedback about the quality of your product. So you can get the quality products without wasting your time and money.