Most Popular New Year Gifts under INR 1699


New Year is around the corner and it’s time for you to start saving up for the next new year. You know what to buy your mom, dad or brother. But what about those people who are hard to please? Gifting is always fun but this time you want to buy something personal and unique. You can’t find anything interesting on the market so how are you going to choose a perfect new year gift?

As we all are well aware, there’s always a big rush for holiday shopping in the beginning of every year. This rush is the reason why we see multiple offers and best deals to grab those gifts within your budget. That’s why I have decided to write this article today. In it, we will be helping you understand the best gifts under INR 1699 that everyone can buy without any hustles.

USB Charger Cable: 

This is one of the best gifts under INR 1699 that you can give to your loved ones as a new year gift or even as an anniversary gift. It comes with a USB charger cable in it which makes it very easy to charge your phone or other electronic devices while they are on the go. The charging cable has got everything one need to charge their devices at home or even when they are away from home.

LED Light Bulb: 

This light bulb is quite popular among many people nowadays because not only does it provide light but also energy saving features such as dimming feature which helps save energy and provide longer service life than regular bulbs do. This LED light bulb has got two settings – low intensity and high intensity.

Gift Voucher:

 It is one of the most liked gifts by many people and it can be used in various places as well. You just need to give them a voucher which they can use at any place they want.

Online Shopping:

We are talking about something which has been trending since last few years and it seems like this trend will continue for some more time too. Give him an opportunity to shop from his favorite brands at little or no cost by gifting him an online shopping voucher from where he can buy anything he wants from online new year gift delivery.

Paytm Wallet:

A Paytm wallet is not only for paying bills but also for buying stuff online or even offline without having to go through any hassle or waiting in queues. It also makes it easier for him to pay his bills as he doesn’t need to carry cash around with him always.

Essential Oil Diffuser:

Essential oils have become a big hit among people all over the world. They are known for their ability to purify air and improve health, but they also help make your home smell delightful. If you are looking for a gift that will enhance family bonding and help improve health at the same time, an essential oil diffuser is a great choice. These small devices contain an array of scents that are released into the air when water is added to them. The scents can be used to create a soothing aroma in any room of your house or workplace. You can even add drops of essential oils to bathwater or your favorite drink!

Nail File Set:

Nail files come in handy at any time, so it makes sense that they would make popular gifts as well. They help keep nails healthy by smoothing rough edges and keeping them from splitting or breaking easily. You can use these files on different parts of your hands

Spread Happiness:

Instil the special joy to your partner by offering these customized table lamps. Assemble two to three snaps of your couple images that remain the memorable days of your life. This beautiful gift will scatter dim and soothing moody atmosphere to your room which gives calmness and peace. Eventually, you can keep them on the table to add more elegance to your room. Furthermore, your heart-warming gift will pour more love to your bond.

Healthy Dry Fruits:

Send warm thoughts, heartfelt wishes, and goodness to your grandmother on this delightful occasion with these dry fruits packed in a beautiful bowl-shaped glass container. Your gift will woo her heart at this special time. Also, it is the perfect time to opt for a healthful token of gift to enhance her energy and joy in the final stage of her life.

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Final Few Lines:

Choose your desired gift from the above-mentioned options to relish the New Year celebration with immense joy. Opt to grab these unique gifts online; also, there are special exciting

How are we?

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